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Citrix Video Tips

It is difficult to find decent concentrated information sometimes.  Usually bits are found but no collection.  Even though the “Citrix Video Tips” at uTIPu is not as extensive as it could be, it has the beginnings of a very interesting collection.  Perhaps the most interesting ones for me is related to XenDesktop tips.

Here’s a screen capture as of October 20, 2008 of the XenDesktop items:

This site has been used extensively by Citrix bloggers.  However, I do not think that to Citrix bloggers only.  For example, AppSense has an item listed here.

Click on the different topics to home in on the areas that you are most interested in.

Citrix XenDesktop iPhone Demo

In June, Adam Jaques from the Advanced Products Group in Sydney demonstrated the Citrix ICA client on an iPhone.  The video is on YouTube and can be seen from here:

Keep in mind that this is just a demonstration.  If you see this as a valuable thing, please request it either through your normal channels of communication or fill in the poll below:

The real question is whether or not you want support with the iPhone and Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp.

Citrix Synergy 2008 Keynote Videos

Citrix Synergy 2008 videos are now available at . This includes day one and two. The speakers for day one were Nicholas Carr, Mark Templeton, and Bob Muglia. Day two speakers were Wes Wasson, Gordon Payne, David Booth (CSC), Frank Gens (IDC), Patrick Gelsinger (Intel), Sanjog Gad (SAP), and Roberto Moctezuma (HP).

It really makes more sense to start at the beginning of day one. Otherwise references will be missed.

Clever Homemade Promotion of Citrix

Give these people a real budget!  This is incredibly clever.  It reminds me of Fantastic Voyage but with a Citrix twist.

This is short movie following the lives of two youngsters caught in the Internet – and how they use Citrix Application Delivery to get home.

This video came out last year and was most likely a result of the YouDeliver competition.  Based on the fact that four thousand people have watched it since last year,  I would guess quite a few of you have already seen it.  I hope not.

Imagination can carry you a long ways.  It’s fun to see a sense of humor as well.

Mark Templeton Video Invitation to Citrix Synergy

Internally Wes Wasson sent an email on Monday advocating the upcoming Citrix Synergy event.  As part of this, at the end, is a link to video authored by Mark Templeton.  Mark, in case you didn’t know, is the CEO of Citrix.  The message describes the upcoming Synergy event and encourages past iForum participants to attend.

It’s a quick way to get an overview of what Synergy is and hopefully Mark can convince you to go better than I can.

Mark Templeton Video Invitation to Citrix Synergy

To give you a bit more promotional material from Wes, here is what Synergy will be comprised of:

Citrix Synergy 2008 – “Where Virtualization, Networking and Application Delivery Meet”

The theme of this year’s event will be “Virtualize. Optimize. Deliver” and will consist of four integrated sub-conferences:

  • iForum User Conference

Get the latest scoop on every Citrix product from A-Xen. Includes more technical sessions, more customer case studies, more demos and more hands-on labs than ever. Everything you loved about iForum in the past and more!

  • App Delivery Industry Expo

No one vendor can solve all your application delivery problems. Making everything from the datacenter to the desktop work in the real world means figuring out how to make products from multiple vendors work well together, even those from vendors that sometimes compete with one another. Features more than 50 vendors showcasing multi-vendor product demos, architectural best practices and technical sessions on hot topics like VDI, green computing, mobile computing and Web 2.0. Also features interactive discussion areas where every surface is a whiteboard, no Power Points are allowed and experts are ready to answer your toughest application delivery questions live.

  • Geek Speak Live!

The ultimate “un-conference” sponsored by Intel. From VDI to networking, datacenter automation to SaaS – customers pick the topics, share their ideas and learn from the REAL experts. Geek Speak Live! will include an engaging “speed geeking” showdown featuring Citrix technical gurus and outspoken independent experts from around the industry. The coffee is hot and the microphones are open! Cap it all off with an evening of standout comedy from Emmy-award winning comedian and impressionist, Dana Carvey.

  • IT 2.0 Business Symposium

Learn how virtualization, networking and application delivery are transforming every aspect of the IT industry in this powerful executive session. Featuring keynote speaker and bestselling author Nicholas Carr (Does IT Matter and The Big Switch), this engaging one-day event is a must for all IT business professionals who want to learn how to survive and thrive in today’s dynamic IT environment. IT 2.0 Business Symposium is included in the full Synergy admission and available at a reduced cost to IT executives who can only come for one day and are not interested in all the technical sessions.

It’s a brave new name with a brave new mission to provide more content.  It does sound interesting but I already know I’m not going.  Australia is just a bit too far away.

Hope you enjoy the conference.

Suite Eye for the Access Guy

iForum 2005 in Sydney, Australia was a pivotal event for the local development team. Based on raw energy and collective inspiration, a project was formed to film a video which was very entertaining as well as education about Citrix products.

Adam Jaques, a key participant in these developments, has finally spent his spare time to upload the results to YouTube. I’ve been asking Adam about these videos for awhile now. The reason is fairly simple. Not only were they well produced, but they also managed to convincingly include a cast of highly technical people without the usual awkwardness.

In 2005, the latest fad on TV was a show called “Queer Eye for a Straight Guy“. The thinking internally that this message could be changed into “Suite Eye for the Access Guy”. It was a clever twist and the format surprisingly works well.

There are seven parts to the “Suite Eye for the Access Guy” based on how it was presented to the iForum audience in Australia. Here are the seven parts in sequence:

Only one of the main characters of this video set has left Citrix (Pierre). The rest still work amongst us. It was a brave foray into the more theatrical marketing space. There is another set of videos that Adam has uploaded which I will mention in a future post.

I remember watching this at iForum 2005 and being extremely proud of what they had accomplished. It was a wonderful concept that was well executed.

The video was so popular that it was replicated in model in America later that year.

Citrix Virtual Workplace 2001

This is the first time I am trying the video feature of WordPress. Please excuse the experimentation.

In 2001, Citrix employees were presented with this video across the world. It made a big impression. We still talk about it in Sydney from time to time. It was so unlike anything had produced before (or since).

The video follows the working life of a key executive looking to get a big deal while also getting ready for a night out with his wife at the opera. The plot is quite involved for a seven minute video. The business transaction always seems a bit complicated to me but then I am not in business. I am an engineer :).

The parts that make this video impressive is the vision of what is to come. Parts of this video have already become true. The most obvious match is Citrix Online GotoMeeting. Other areas are still elusive (like really good voice recognition). I remember my initial reaction to this video. I was impressed but also a bit concerned. It seemed like there was a chance that someone would think we would be able to deliver all this in the near future. I have a long history of not wanting to oversell or over promise what is possible.

Character wise, it has always bothered me how the main character, Jim, looks at his world. It is almost like everything is his personal servant and that all the best ideas have to come from him. I think the part that rubs me the wrong way each time is when he refers to a female colleague as “a gem” after she tries to do what he has just asked for. I notice that he does not call any of the men “gems” for the work they do. Petty, I admit. Only human after all.

I can tell you that the video was inspired from some vision work done from Apple and that it appears that the shoot happened in South Florida. As you can see from the production quality, Citrix did not hold back. It was probably the biggest production up to that time.

As the years have gone by I have grown to like this video more and more. That is part of the reason I now feel so compelled to share it with you.

If you have trouble getting the video to work, there are two other ways to view it.  You can see it at YouTube or Akamai.

Mark’s Message from Summit 2008

During Summit 2008, a video was released from Mark Templeton. The video is fairly brief and summarizes the current visions of Citrix. At this time, the concept of XenApp was first introduced. The video seems to be missing the typical high energy presence of Mark so I suspect it was taken after a very long day.  You can just click the picture to see the video.


iForum 2007 Video: Wes Wasson (Day 2 – General Session)

Just when I thought there were not many Citrix videos around, I was proven wrong this week by discovering at least ten relevant clips.  The next interesting video comes from iForum 2007 in Las Vegas.  I have already mentioned the video from the first day with Mark Templeton.  The second day video fills in a few gaps in what was explained the first day.  The introduction shows Wes in Second Life with work done in “Citrix Labs” to explore advanced technology.

Wes Wasson on Second Life

The presentation is 96 minutes long and requires Windows Media Player.  It includes demos of XenDesktop and XenServer.   At the point of time this video was produced, the XenSource acquisition was still very new.  The leaders of Xen Source appear on stage to explain the Xen philosophy and why it is a good match with Citrix.

This series of explanations is very bold for Citrix and it reaffirms Citrix’s commitment to providing end-to-end virtualization solutions.

From what I know, there is no such thing as Citrix Labs and the work actually came out of Citrix Advanced Products in the UK.  Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Brian Madden Explains SpeedScreen

The term SpeedScreen is confusing with regards to Citrix because it actually includes five different technologies that have been created over the last several years.  It is easy to get things mixed up, especially since some of the technologies do similar things.

This list of five variants is:

  • SpeedScreen Latency Reduction
  • SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration
  • SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration
  • SpeedScreen Flash Acceleration
  • SpeedScreen Image Acceleration

Instead of fully explaining what these do and how they are different, I invite you to watch a 46 minute video that Brian Madden made for Citrix about SpeedScreen in 2006.  It is a well produced and Brian’s depth of knowledge about SpeedScreen is well demonstrated.  You will need Windows Media Player to play this.

During PortICA development I’ve been working on supporting SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration.  Internally it is known as the SpeedBrowse project.  It was started years ago in 2002 by developers in Sydney in the Advanced Products group.  I recently solved a problem with the Mac OS X ICA client with PortICA (part of XenDesktop).  I’ll write about that experience some other time.

SpeedScreen, collectively, has made a big difference to the acceptance of Presentation Server in more complex visual environments.  This work has been continued in such projects as Pictor and Apollo.

I just watched Brian’s video today after having discovered the cache of Citrix technical videos .  It is easy to take SpeedScreen for granted.  The biggest request is to expand what it covers so that more can be supported.  The latest push is to investigate ways of making things better for Flash.

The latest addition to the SpeedScreen family is SpeedScreen Progressive Display.   You can see a demo of this technology at ESRI .  I just tried this and it is impressive.  The concept is to progressively draw something much like how Google Earth works.  Instead of trying to draw lots of detail at once, the image is refined over time.  This is important for rotates and moves where the user does not need all the information.  In fact, the blurring of the image is not highly noticeable.  I seem to remember that this was discovered while working on the Boeing/Citrix project to support Catia remotely.

SpeedScreen Progressive Display