Dress code 17146

Pre flop poker

First visit to Casino de Briançon? Our team is on hand to make sure you enjoy an unforgettable experience. Formal dress is required. The Management reserves the right to refuse access to the establishment in the event of inappropriate attire. To enter the gaming hall, you must present a valid identity document: identity card, passport, driving licence if photo recognisable, resident permit.

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The winner is the player with the highest score, not exceeding This is determined by the sum of the values of the card received to begin with, or subsequently requested. Every player plays the game independently, adopting his or her own strategy on each occasion. Where to play? In Black Jack six decks of fifty-two playing cards are used, with thirteen cards for each of the four suits Hearts- Diamonds-Clubs-Spades that consist of: an Ace, nine number cards from 2 to 10, a Jack, a Queen and a King. The gioco is played on a semicircular table. The Dealer sits on one side and in front of him sit up to seven players. The players who are sitting down place their bets in the first circle the red circle nearest the Dealer to become box holders. Their choices decide the bets placed by the other players in the other circles.

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